Millennials & Gen Z Leaders

We have a priority in the SWaBa to encourage and engage will Millennial and Gen Z leaders in the church.

We believe that these generations have much to offer the leadership of the church and also need to be a focus for mission and outreach.

We will endeavour to:

  • Create leadership pathways for Young Adults within our family of churches. 

  • Create a culture/identity for Young Adults within the Association (linking to Baptist Together)

  • Create a church planting programme in areas where a high proportion of 18-35s live and identify strategic Baptist churches who can be trained and resourced for mission to Young Adults. 

  • Continuing professional development for Ministers with specific reference to young adults.

  • Invest in evangelism training for young people (Gen Z) in our churches to be actively involved in evangelism/mission in their context.

  • Release innovation grants for pioneering, gospel-centred vision.

  • Help churches to create better websites/communications that engage with young adults. 

  • Recognise and celebrate a passionate, high-faith, high-risk culture. 

These are part of the recommendations from the Baptist Together Young Adults Report

One on One Mentoring

We recognise that millennials and Gen Z in church do not get the same opportunities for mentoring in day to day ministry and for leadership roles.  Often it can be difficult to get the experience needed for more roles within our church family.

Therefore we offer one to one mentoring for these generations that are in ministry (ordained or training) to journey with you in your ministry and give you experience within the wider Baptist family.

As part of this mentorship you will also be given experience within the Baptist family to minister in a different context and to gain experience of leadership roles.

Working with Churches and Ministers:

We are committed to helping churches understand the generational differences that Millennials and Gen Z have.

We recognise that often this generation leads and worships in a different way and therefore we offer guidence and training for churches that are encouraging these generations into leadership and also those churches looking at mission to these generations.