Who Cares?


Life After Lockdown holds a unique opportunity for churches across South Wales to reach thousands of people of all ages with the gospel of Jesus Christ, working together with Who Cares? mission. 


Effective evangelism often begins with listening to people and hearing about their deepest needs.


Who Cares? mission, is a charity that very simply brings many churches across an area together, to share the gospel with thousands of people. It began with one church in 2011, then in 2014 it spread to 50 churches across Norfolk and since then, they have worked with 165 churches and organisations across, Suffolk, Hampshire and North Essex.

South Wales Baptist Association is partnering with Who Cares?  to invite churches to work together in asking people in their communities one big question ‘what hurts the most?’ and then responding with the hope of the Gospel.


Many people feel like no one truly cares about their deepest pain – this is an opportunity to show them that someone does. 

Below is the teaching from the training sessions:

Main Sessions: Who Cares? Listening and Responding 

Preaching the on the Main 'Hurts'

Analysing and Inputing Survey Data

Top Tips for running Who Cares? in your church - download the notes for this session here