Children, Youth & Families

We're passionate about supporting  CYF work within our association. We also want to walk with all the churches and their volunteers as they seek to be show God's Kingdom in their churches and communities.

We are also passionate about the 95% of children and young people who are not in our churches and who God loves deeply and would love it if they got to know Him better.

Revd. Emma Mohr is the Regional Minister for Children, Youth and Families she is very interested in engaging CYF with churches and would like to meet with you and work with your church while you listen to where you think God might be leading your church regarding how it's working with, or might work with children, young people and families.


Please get in touch regarding any training needs that you have, if you're looking to employ a CYF worker, if you need to chat something through or if there's something else you think I might be able to help with.


There are many different opportunities out there that can help churches connect with those under 18. 

Please refresh this page in the coming weeks as more exciting information is added about what is happening in the Association

Supporting and Reaching Young People: Rachel Gardner, Director of Youthscape and President of The Girls Brigade, considers the challenge for churches to reach, support, develop and empower young people and adults at a recent online SCBA Leaders Day. The first three videos are the three different sessions and the fourth video is the whole morning.

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