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Home Mission Grants

We love giving grants for mission! Mission is the heartbeat of the church. 

All grant applications are carefully considered and are decided based on set criteria regarding the missional and practical outworking of the project.

It is advisable that anyone hoping to apply has an early consultation with the association.

For more information about Home Mission Grants or to discuss your mission and funding contact the office

There are three types of grants available:

Mission through Ministry Grants

These grants are awarded to churches already engaging in the mission of God, to encourage and further equip them in reaching out to their local community. They are normally only paid to churches with Baptists Together accredited Ministers, who pay their Minister the Home Mission stipend (or appropriate proportion thereof). They are also available for ministers-in-training and recognized ministers from other denominations in Local Ecumenical Partnerships.


The grants are not awarded simply for a church to have a minister and a church must demonstrate its missional heart and intent. We normally expect a church to become self-sustaining within about 5 years of a grant being first awarded.

Special Ministry Grants

Special ministry grants are for those working in ministries in a context which is usually outside of a traditional church; these can include individuals involved in a special initiative or in a church planting (or replanting) situation.

Mission Projects Grants

Mission Project Grants of up to £1,500 enable Baptist Churches to respond to the mission needs of their community as part of their own ongoing work and ministry. These are one-off grants for new projects (or new initiatives within existing projects). The projects must benefit people from the community which the church is seeking to serve. 

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