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A range of resources are available on the SWBA YouTube Channel. Click the buttons below to access directly


WHO CARES? This missional listening exercise helps the church understand its local community and present the Gospel in a way that uniquely connects with the things in life that they find hardest to handle. 

Please contact us if you would like to find out more or are interested in taking part. 

Who Cares? Website
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Teamtalk is a series of lively, informal and in-depth discussions with people from all over the Baptist family in South Wales – sharing stories of mission and ministry, and building deeper relationships with each other!

Over the last two years. we have hosted a number of webinars. There are a range of discussions from topics of wellbeing to missional entreprenership...

THRIVE CYMRU is a group of like-minded people who regularly connect and are married to Baptist ministers.

This includes you, if your other half is in a pastorate, in training, in chaplaincy, lecturing or retired, in either BUW or SWBA.

You are welcome too if you are widowed.

Contact us by emailing or

Or text 07928 249957 or 07972 069217

Other resources you may find helpful... 

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