Children, Youth & Families


From the Uniting Church in Australia



  1. Engage All Generations         June 9   11am AEST


Engage All Generations: a strategic toolkit  is the latest book from Cory Seibel. This very special FREE Zoom launch event will include the opportunity to find out more about the book, engage with a number of the number of the contributors and connect with others interested in intergenerational ministry.


Those contributing to the launch event will include:


► Cory Seibel (CAN)                     Engage All Generations - an overview

► Chris Barnett (AUS)                 Tools for Developing Intergenerational Ministry

► Jacolize Becker (NZ)                 Intergenerational Sports and Games

► Tim Beilharz (AUS)                   Intergenerational Church and Socio-Cultural Faith Development

► Tammy Tolman (AUS)              Moving All Ages Toward Life Together


Click here for more information and to register


2. Sorry Day & Reconciliation Week


Reconciliation takes action (UCA Assembly)

Reconciliation Sunday Resources (UCA SA)

Treaty and truth-telling (Common Grace)

2021 Reconciliation Week (Pilgrim UC)

National Sorry Day (National Today)


3. Latest from Messy Church


Deepening Discipleship (BRF)

A Voyage of Discovery (Report)

Get Messy! May-Aug Resource (BRF)

2022 Messy Church International Conference

Messy Discipleship: Launch Event Recordings


Nb. A series of on-line Discipleship Huddles (focused on the content of the Messy Discipleship book) are being offered over the June-August period. Each of the three sessions will be of 1-hour in duration. Not just for those engaged in Messy Church, these Huddles are also suitable for ministers, pastors and those in other paid ministry roles. E-mail to express your interest or to seek more information.


4. From CRCNA 


Shepherding children in difficult times (CRCNA)

Five Big Children & Families Ministry questions (CRCNA)

Planning Faith Formation: now and for the future (CRCNA)

Caring for yourself: put your oxygen mask on first (CRCNA)

Marking milestones: intergenerational ideas as families return (CRCNA)


5. From Amplify (to watch)


The power of mentoring (Jim Schirmer)

Adventuring into the Bible with children (Wendy Strachan)

Sparking flourishing: breaking out of cultural captivity (Tania Watson)

Navigating Youth Ministry: sustainably, effectively, thoughtfully (Steve Dixon)

nb. 2022 Amplify March 5 (watch out for more details)


6. Spiritual Practices (Lifelong Faith)


Spiritual Practices: Prayer (Lifelong Faith)

Spiritual Practices: Eating Well (Lifelong Faith)

Spiritual Practices: Bible Reading (Lifelong Faith)

Spiritual Practices: Keeping Sabbath (Lifelong Faith)

Spiritual Practices: Forming habits (Lifelong Faith)


7. From Fuller


Listening can fuel creativity – Podcast (Fuller)

Teaching young people a daily way to pray (Fuller)

Three big questions that change everything (Fuller)

Leading a changing church for a changing world (Fuller)

Young people and identity: a bi-cultural perspective (Fuller)


8. 2021 Children & Families Ministry Intensive Unit         July 7-9, 12-14              Parkville, Melbourne + On-line


The upcoming Children & Families Ministry intensive and the Graduate Certificate in Children & Families Ministry are excellent professional development opportunities for ministers, pastors, chaplains, Christian educators and those in paid children & families ministry roles. Enquire NOW about the possibility of participating in the July offering face-to-face or on-line . Even if this not for you at this time, let me encourage you to forward the information on to at least one person who you think might (or even should) be interested.


Click Children & Families Ministry Intensive or e-mail to express interest or find out more.

Identifying and Supporting Distress in CYF Post Lockdown:

TGL have some online courses that are designed to equip leaders to identify and support distress in CFY post lockdown.

Emotional First Aid: is free webinars to help individuals and organisations to see and understand emotional signals and how to respond to them effectively.  Click here for more information

Emotional Rollercoaster: this training is specifically for church staff members, schools and volunteers who work one-on-one or with groups of children who have emotional or relational challenges.  Click here for more information

Justice Hub: as an association we are setting up a Justice Hub and a resource database around areas of justice which can be used by young people as well as adults.  Click here to go to the Association Justice Hub (this includes resources on racial justice, LGBTQ and more...)

For those ministering to children, youth and families online here is the Baptist Union Safeguarding Guidelines


For curriculum resources and ideas for: 

Under 5’s 

  • Have a look at True Ways Kids: great resources to use at home and printable material.

  • Join the Scramblers Network on facebook – brilliant ideas for engaging with toddler groups and younger children at home.


For 5-11’s 

The Reflectionary: these resources are for family Bible times - Why not get together with another family and discuss the questions by phone or skype? We can still be church together while we’re apart. 

Each week the reflectionary site will have:

•    A Bible passage with some teaching and discussion questions aimed at adults

•    Creative and imaginative approaches designed to appeal to children (plus adults who prefer those styles)

•    A space for your own thoughts and responses

•    A colouring page (not just for kids!)

•    A craft / art activity (not just for kids!)

•    Some activities for the week

•    A prayer

For 11+

  • Scripture Union 

  • Youth for Christ have been brilliant at putting together tutorials for how to move youth work online. They have made lots of their resources available free of charge – check out their page on stress as it offers practical, emotional, physical and spiritual uplift – with easy ideas for all ages! 


On-line youth-work with those over the age of 13:

New safeguarding guidelines have been published from Baptist House and you can download the document here 


For youth workers

YouthScape Podcast 

There are also resources on:

Engage At Home: Daily family prayer and worship activities 

Ministry to children

Godly Play: 10 things to help each other... listen .. be calm still

Kids Sunday School 

Get creative with Hannah Dunnett - draw your own prayer tree is the first session!

Going For Growth: Faith isn't something to be learned in church - it's to be lived out at home. But it isn't always easy for families to know how to pray together or tell the stories of Jesus together. This page offers links and ideas to help families be Christian in their whole lives, not just the Sunday bit! 


For Music

  • Try out - Hillsong Kids: 1hr of Kids Praise Music

  • Fishy Music is doing a weekly assembly for in your home

  • iSing Pop are uploading their songs almost daily on their channel 

For Bible stories in animation try out:

  • Crossroads Kids club: go to youtube and put crossroads kids club and choose your story! Here’s an example below

  •  Jesus Storybook Bible with David Suchet narrating 


If you wish to buy a book to help children,  young people and families engage with faith at home, here are a few I can highly recommend:

For 5-11 year olds

  •  ‘What every child should know about prayer’ – by Nancy Guthrie

  • ‘My God Book’, A Prayer Journal Scrapbook – by Victoria Beech, Scripture Union

  • ‘Growing with God’ 365 Daily Devos for girls – Veggie Tales

  • ‘The Complete Illustrated Children’s Bible Devotional’ – Harvest House Publishers

  • ‘Children Can You Hear Me?’ – by Brad Jersak

For 11-18 year olds

  • ‘Swap’ discipleship journal - Youthscape

  • ‘Head Strong’ journal – Youthscape