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Safeguarding Training

The Excellence in Safeguarding training courses have been designed specifically for Baptist churches to ensure their leaders and workers are able to undertake their roles in the best possible way. 

Please see dates below or click here


Meet the trainers - click on the pictures of the trainers to find out more about them


Sally George


Stephen George


Gareth Cheedy

Screenshot 2022-02-18 at 09.51.27.png

Jan Frost

Screenshot 2022-07-05 at 09.53.47.png

Rhiannon Scott 

Who should attend training? The training is for people who hold different roles within the church:

  • Deacons & Trustees - must do level 2 and level 3;

  • Minister - must do level 2 and level 3;

  • Designated Safeguarding Person - must do level 2 and level 3;

  • Leaders of children's and Adults at Risk work - must do level 2 and level 3;

  • Those working with Adults at Risk (e.g. pastoral visiting, lunch club for people with learning disabilities) - must do level 2;

  • Children & Youth Workers - must do level 2.

What is available? There are three levels of training available.  You can see the training dates already arranged below.   If you have sufficient numbers we can deliver the training in your church - please contact the Association Administrator. If your church hosts a training session, some free places are available.


  • Level 1: This is a video for all people who attend your church. An all- age-video is available here and  a church meeting version here .

  • Level 2: Covers responsibilities to children and Adults at Risk, and is for all those who work, either paid or voluntarily, with these groups – A morning course

  • Level 3: Specific training for Deacons/Trustees, Ministers, Designated People, Children’s/Youth and Pastoral Leaders – an afternoon’s course to follow from Level 2 in the morning. BUGB level 2 training must be completed before level 3 training is undertaken. There will be a free place for the minister, if a certain number of a church's trustees attend on the same day.


How much does it cost?

Level 2 and 3 on the same day is £20 per person, rising to £30 after Easter 2024

Level 2 and 3 as individual sessions is £15 per person per session



To book your place(s) at a training course please fill in the booking form and email it to

To discuss booking you can call the office on 029 20 491366

Training for both Levels 2 and 3 takes a full day from 9:15am to 5pm (£20 per person, and £30 after Easter 2024) - so you will need to bring your own lunch.


Level 2 training only, is from 9:15 am to 1 pm 

Level 3 training only, is from 1:25 pm to 5 pm 

Please note: booking is essential and is subject to terms and conditions, which can be found on the booking form.

Both levels of training are offered at the venues below, at the above times unless specified.

2023 Dates                                       Venue                                                                    Number of Places Available   

Saturday 2 December.                    Gilgal Baptist Church, Porthcawl                                                   0

2024 Dates

Saturday 13 January.                        Eden Church, Penarth                                                                     0

Saturday 20 January.                       Tabernacle Baptist Church, Penarth                                              0

Saturday 2 March                            Sardis Baptist Church, Resolven.                                                    0

Friday 8 March                                  High Street Baptist Church, Merthyr Tydfil                                  4


Saturday 20 April.                             Monmouth Baptist Church                                                             0


Saturday 27 April                              Venue Needed


Saturday 11 May                               Aenon Baptist Church, Morriston.                                               13

Saturday 22 June                              Bethel Central Church, Maesteg                                                   13

Saturday 29 June                               Raglan Baptist Church, Monmouthshire.                                    10


Saturday 6 July                                   Venue Needed


Saturday 13 July                                 Venue Needed


Saturday 21 September                   Bethel BC Llantwit Major.                                                           tbc


Friday 27 September                        Cardiff Baptist College                                                                   20


Saturday 5 October                          Venue Needed

Saturday 9 November                     Ebenezer Baptist Church, Llanbradach

Saturday 23 November                  Venue Needed

Saturday 30 November                  Venue Needed


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