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As Baptists we take the protection of children and adults at risk who are part of our churches very seriously. We provide advice and deliver safeguarding training, provided by the Baptist Union of Great Britain, to all our Association Churches.

Latest Safeguarding information from Baptists Together during the Coronavirus Pandemic is available here 

Safeguarding is the protection of adults and children from harm, abuse or neglect.

We all have the same rights and expectations to independence, respect, choice, fulfilment of our ambitions, to be heard, included, and to have privacy and confidentiality. These expectations are central to the way in which we interact with each other in our life together.

Safeguarding involves a range of activities aimed at promoting the individual’s fundamental right to be safe. These include making and maintaining safe environments for all, having processes to follow should something go wrong, and support for everyone involved. 

Every church should adopt safeguarding policy statements for children, young people, and adults at risk. Template policies are available on the Baptists Together website. Every church should appoint at least one Designated Person for 
Safeguarding who leads on safeguarding in their church; one of the deacons/trustees should be the Safeguarding Trustee, who has oversight of the church's safeguarding policies and procedures.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks       An Enhanced level criminal record check is compulsory for anyone working or volunteering with children and/or Adults at Risk. These checks show details of spent and unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands and final warnings held on police records, plus any additional information held by local police considered relevant to the role in question. Deacons/trustees also need a disclosure at the relevant level as does the church’s Designated Person for Safeguarding.

Baptists Together use the company Due Diligence Checking (DDC) to undertake these checks for Baptist churches at no cost to the church.  However, there is a cost to the Union for every application started so please do not start an application to DDC unnecessarily. 

Do contact the SWBA office if you have any questions or concerns.

The Association Regional Team and the Safeguarding Lead (Tricia Wiltshire - 07831 701161) are available to give churches advice and assistance on any safeguarding matter.

Safeguarding Training

The Excellence in Safeguarding training courses have been designed specifically for Baptist churches to ensure their leaders and workers are able to undertake their roles in the best possible way. If you are looking for something to show to the whole church and to help children engage with safeguarding, there is an excellent Level 1 film, available by clicking the image below:






Due to the pandemic, no face-to-face training has been possible in 2021, but online refresher training has been happening quite successfully. We are hoping to phase this out during the Spring of 2022 and return to face-to-face training in venues that are suitable to comply with COVID regulations. Please contact the SWBA office (029 2049 1366) or Tricia Wiltshire (07831 701161) or email to find out more.



















Who should attend training? The training is for people who hold different roles within the church:

  • Deacons & Trustees - must do level 2 and level 3;

  • Minister - must do level 2 and level 3;

  • Designated Safeguarding Person - must do level 2 and level 3;

  • Leaders of children's and Adults at Risk work - must do level 2 and level 3;

  • Those working with Adults at Risk (e.g. pastoral visiting, lunch club for people with learning disabilities) - must do level 2;

  • Children & Youth Workers - must do level 2.

What is available? There are three levels of training available.  You can see the training dates already arranged by clicking the link below.   If you have sufficient numbers we can deliver the training in your church - please contact the Association Administrator. If your church hosts a training session, some free places are available.


  • Level 1: This is a video for all people who attend your church. An all- age-video is available here and  a church meeting version here .

  • Level 2: Covers responsibilities to children and Adults at Risk, and is for all those who work, either paid or voluntarily, with these groups – A morning course

  • Level 3: Specific training for Deacons/Trustees, Ministers, Designated People, Children’s/Youth and Pastoral Leaders – an afternoon’s course to follow from Level 2 in the morning. BUGB level 2 training must be completed before level 3 training is undertaken. There will be a free place for the minister, if a certain number of a church's trustees attend on the same day.


How much does it cost?

Level 2 and 3 on the same day is £20 per person 

Level 2 and 3 as individual sessions is £15 per person per session


Meet the trainers

Patricia Wiltshire

SWBA Safeguarding Lead

Click the photo to find out more about the trainer

Sally George

Stephen George

Gareth Cheedy