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Renew Wellbeing helps churches open spaces of welcome and inclusion in partnership with mental health teams to improve mental and emotional wellbeing.


Renew spaces are simple cafe style spaces run by local churches where hobbies and activities are shared or co-produced. Each cafe space is attached to a quiet room or prayer space where inner habits of wellbeing are shared. Each church partners with a mental health professional from the local council to ensure good inclusive practices for safe spaces where it's OK not to be OK can be sustained.


Being present • Being prayerful • Being in partnership

Renew Wellbeing provides information, inspiration, training and ongoing support to local churches as well as developing a simple national strategy for many small safe spaces to be made available through churches and councils working together. 

We have a commitment to establish Renew Wellbeing across our association and have called Revd Naomi Dickerson to work as our Renew Wellbeing Co-ordinator / Advocate for South Wales.

Naomi works closely with the association and Renew to ensure we create space and training where it is ok not to be ok.

Naomi's update for our AGM 2022

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