Prayer Focus

Praying for churches across the South Wales Baptist Association

Prayer Focus 53: Bethel Baptist Church, Pontyclun

Bethel 2.jpg

Our church building is located in Pontyclun in the county of Rhondda Cynon Taff
Bethel is a lovely mix of age, gender and nationalities, with people from India, Philippines, Mauritius, Nigeria, Syria, USA and South Africa.
We have a ministry team, which includes Alex Brown, John Hall and Kyle Parry.

At Bethel the ministries vary from Bethel Babies to Silver Lining for seniors, with a variety of Youth and Children’s groups, sports and crafts, to outreach and evangelism.
Our Pastoral care ministry has grown significantly since the pandemic. A new branch of care is the Blue Skies café which exists to support people who have been bereaved.
The main backbone of Bethel is our Life groups which start with children from year 5 and 6 to our seniors, where our eldest participant is 92
Most of all we exist “to make Jesus known” and to do our best as a Church to “Love God and Love others” 

For Prayer 

  • We thank God for His transforming presence, moulding and shaping us to be his reflection in our families and communities.

  • We thank God for constantly building His church, in the past, today and the future.

  • Please pray for the “Ablaze” Holiday Club that runs from 16th-19th August for 4-11’s

  • Please pray as we begin a significant 40 days of prayer season, which commences on 31stAugust; That the Holy Spirit speaks and moves in us as individuals, for the sake of His church and that we would act on what we hear, in Jesus name.

Prayer Focus 52: Bethel Baptist Church, Hawthorn


Bethel Baptist Church is located in the village of Hawthorn, just a few miles from the centre of Pontypridd.
The church was initially “planted out” from Calvary Baptist Church, Treforest, in December 1903. The current chapel was built on a freehold site purchased for £176, and the total cost for building the chapel was £420. First services at Bethel were held on Sunday 14th and Monday 15th April 1907. In July 1910, 39 members of Calvary, who lived in the vicinity of Bethel were transferred to Bethel.
Like many chapels, Bethel has experienced much over the years. The current membership is small in number but big in faith, comprising largely of elderly people, but with a few slightly younger members. The recent Jubilee Celebrations has seen a renewed interest in the chapel and it has been good to welcome new attendees at services as well as those returning after lockdown. Sadly, the Sunday School and midweek children’s work ceased pre-COVID lockdown and has not recommenced, largely due to lack of interest within the local community. Hawthorn has seen new housing being built over recent years, but attempts to reach new residents have proved unsuccessful, thus far.
The current minister is Rev Andrew McLaughlin who came to Bethel as a Lay Pastor in 2009 alongside his work at the Welsh Assembly Government. After a period as Minister in Training whilst he studied at the South Wales Baptist College, he was subsequently ordained in 2014. Andrew also oversees the work at Beulah, Cilfynydd.

Still recovering from the period of lockdown, regular weekly Sunday Services, Bible Study and Prayer Meetings are held. The local Hawthorn Pensioners Group and a community Knitting Group also make use of the premises during the week. 
Bethel supports the local Pontypridd Foodbank, as well as Operation Agri, BMS World Mission and other BUGB led work. It has also been actively involved with the local community and local churches in various Platinum Jubilee events held over this past year, including hosting the Service of Thanksgiving followed by a Jubilee tea and assisting at “The Teddy Bears’ Picnic” amongst them. October will see a week of “Remembrance”, in conjunction with Rhydyfelin Methodist Church, to remember those lost through bereavement over these past two years, culminating in a Service of Remembrance. Additionally, following the success of last year’s Community Christmas Carols, there are plans to hold another event this year.

For Prayer 

  • Thankfulness to God for His faithfulness, protection and guidance over these past 115 years, and especially throughout the past 2 years.

  • Thankfulness for the positive signs of interest over these past few weeks especially, and for the determined enthusiasm of a church body that will not give up or give in, and thankfulness for involvement in local community events.

  • Praying for further opportunities to reach into the community with the gospel in very relevant ways.

Praying that Bethel continues to be a prayer-filled church with prayer-filled and spirit-led lives. We pray that He will lead us and guide us, so that we might be His ambassadors in this community and the world. We look forward, prayerfully, to great blessings from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Prayer Focus 51: Castleton Baptist Church

Castleton 1.jpg
castleton 2.jpg

Castleton Baptist Church can be found in the village of Marshfield, between Cardiff and Newport on the A48. As such it is considered a Village Church with many of our members being long standing members of the communities of Castleton and Marshfield and the surrounding areas. We have a range of folk that participate in worship with us. Currently our youngest member is 2 years old whilst our oldest is well into their nineties. We have a range of people in between from working folk to a great group of energetic retirees.
The current Minister is Reverend Rafael De Lima, and he has been in post since 2017. It has been a bumpy road navigating the last couple of years through the Covid Pandemic, but the congregation is finally settled back to normal worship and re-starting engagement with discipleship and evangelism.  

For a little village church we are very busy in engaging with all sorts of activities. Most recently we have been able to re-start our Chat & Craft  and Coffee Morning Groups which are very well attended by both community and church members. Since the Pandemic we have also started a Sing & Play toddlers' group which has been a great way to serve the community and to engage with people that feel the last few years have been increasingly hard. 
Most recently we have been able to receive a group from North America that came to help us with our Holiday Club initiative. It was great to serve the group and allow them to engage in Mission whilst coming even closer to the community to serve them and bring Jesus into the conversation. 

For Prayer 

  • We give thanks that the church has returned to normal public worship post Covid and is starting to show signs of growth both spiritually and physically. 

  • We are thankful for our Holiday Club and the contacts that were made during the week. 

  • Pray for those who have not yet returned to worship after the Pandemic, that we will be able to re-engage with those who are struggling and draw them back into the fold of the church.

  • Pray for a renewed sense of focus for the Collective and all the individuals amongst the Church community. 

Prayer Focus 50: Beulah Baptist Church, Cilfynydd

Beulah 2.jpg

Beulah Baptist Church is located in the village of Cilfynydd, in the county borough of Rhondda Cynon Taf, just a mile north of Pontypridd and 13 miles north of Cardiff. It is a former mining community – Albion Colliery - and suffered three mining accidents in the space of 10 years – March 1886 (2 fatalities), November 1886 (4 fatalities) and then on 23rd June 1894 (290 men and boys and 123 horses amongst the fatalities). The mine was closed in 1966.
Founded by Rev J Bosher (Abertridwr) and Mrs J Canning (Abercynon), Beulah was originally a church plant but not from any “mother church” and held its first services on Sunday 14th April 1889. Building began on the current site on Wood Street in 1890 and opened on Sunday 12th April 1891. Like many chapels it has seen days of rich blessing as well as days of challenge. The current membership stands at 17, most of whom are more senior in years. Sadly, the children and youth work had to stop a few years ago due to lack of personnel to help.
In addition to his responsibilities at Bethel, Hawthorn, Rev. Andrew McLaughlin provides pastoral support and leads services on the last Sunday of each month, as well as the weekly Bible Study / Prayer Meeting.

Beulah regularly supports the Pontypridd Foodbank, as well as supporting the work of BMS World Mission and Operation Agri. Currently, the building is in use by the Cilfynydd Community Foodshare Hub whilst the local Community Centre is undergoing renovations. Just this week saw the restart of the Coffee Mornings after being closed for the past 2 years and there are plans to develop this as a “drop in” centre with knitting, crafts and activities being arranged.

For Prayer

  • We give thanks for the fact that the chapel is open and functioning.

  • We give thanks for the faithfulness of the local leadership, as well as the membership of the chapel in their worship and continued support of the chapel.

  • We pray for further opportunities to reach into the community, and the development of the recommenced Coffee Morning and the desire to see it as a place where people can come and spend time together and to try and tackle the loneliness felt by so many.


Ultimately, we pray to see people won for Christ and to see lives changed – dispelling the feeling of hopelessness with hope.

Prayer Focus 48: Bethel Baptist Church,  Church Village

Screenshot 2022-07-01 at 12.36.55.png

Bethel Baptist Church serves the community of Church Village which is close to Pontypridd. 

It seeks to be a loving, friendly community that worships God, and serves others. The church places a high priority on teaching from the Bible and following the example of Jesus.

The church was founded in 1917 and Huw Wakefield has been the pastor there since 1996.

The church has around 20 adults gathering for worship with a few children.


Church Village is home to The Lifelong Learning Centre opened in September 2006. It is part of Gartholwg Community Campus, that also includes:

•Ysgol Gyfun Gartholwg 
•Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Garth Olwg
•Garth Olwg Nursery
•Church Village Community Library
•Gartholwg Youth Centre

We give thanks to God for

  • The faithful service of pastor Huw and his family over many years

  • The caring fellowship at Bethel

  • The great community facilities that exist in Church Village

For prayer

  • That the church will see growth

  • That they will find ways to have a greater influence in the community, so that Christ might be magnified. 

Prayer Focus 47: Bethel Baptist Church, Penyrheol


Bethel Baptist Church in in Penyrheol, which is located a couple of miles from the centre of Caerphilly, close to three quite different communities and estates.

We have a range of people who are part of our church, from those in their 30s to a few in their 80s, and we also have a few children from time to time.

Andy Ralph has been minister of the church for 23 years (and a member for 32 years).

The vision of the church is to be a blessing to the lonely and needy in our community. We run social gatherings and Kintsugi Hope Wellbeing Groups. We work closely with other churches in Caerphilly in mission projects, such as Club 707 (the joint churches’ youth, children and schools ministry) and Caerphilly Street Pastors. We have a large ‘Musical Tots’ group, and lead joint Bible Study groups with other churches. We are involved in outreach into the neighbouring village of Senghenydd.

For prayer

We give thanks for – 

  • New Christians and baptisms in the last 12 months;

  • The love and care shown within the fellowship and beyond;

Please join us in praying for  

  • The families involved with Social Services who meet in our building;

  •  Our vision to increase the community involvement of the fellowship and use of the building.

Prayer Focus 46: Bethany Baptist Church, Risca

Screenshot 2022-06-18 at 09.03.27.png
Screenshot 2022-06-18 at 09.03.58.png

Bethany Baptist Church is situated on the main street of Risca. We were established over one hundred and sixty years ago to meet the needs of the then growing English speaking community. Today, Risca itself is quite a vibrant busy town. Although being on the M4 corridor with easy access to Newport, Cardiff, and Bristol, the town itself and the large housing estates on the periphery have become dormitories with many commuting out of the area daily. It is fair to say that we are a smallish church fellowship in a huge expensive to maintain, listed building which because of restrictions is difficult to adapt for modern worship. These days our congregation is made-up older people, although just recently we have started to attract one or two younger folks

Like many churches we have suffered as a result of Covid. Prior to the lock downs we had a number of meetings which at the moment have been difficult to re establish including our very successful mothers and toddler’s group. 
Our minister the Revd. Ian Waugh has been with us now for coming up to twenty-one years. 

Although Covid brought some difficulties which we are still working through, the Covid experience has not however been totally negative, it has caused us to move out of our comfort zone and start to re-examine mission and ministry for the twenty first century. So, having an inkling of what was coming, prior to the first lock down we established our weekly online service, prayer meeting and Bible Study, something we would have never considered before. These continue complementing our normal services and allowing us to not only to minister to the needs of those from the church who are ill or housebound, but to a world-wide fellowship which at the height of the Pandemic reached during one particular month half a million people. Seeing this obvious opportunity, we have converted one of the rooms within the church into a permanent “green room” studio. On Mothering Sunday, it was fantastic to do an “Afternoon Tea Service” in Bethany, which enabled people from both our online community and our church congregation meet in person for the first time. Another huge step forward brought about by the pandemic was the introduction and installation of a multi-media system within the church. As soon as the lockdowns eased our Friends Together Group, which is a weekly social gathering for those who are lonely within the community was quickly re-established, together with our coffee morning and opening the church for private prayer and reflection. As I have already stated some meetings that took place within the church prior to Covid have not been re started, this in itself is a great opportunity to re imagine those meetings and look at alternatives more relevant to today’s society. 

For Prayer 

  • For God’s continuing blessing on our church and fellowship. 

  • For bringing us through the Pandemic in such a way that our ministry has grown and as a church for the first time we really are going out to the whole world as Jesus told us to. 

  • Pray for guidance and discernment as to how to re imaging and re-establish groups especially our mothers and toddler’s group but also how to attract children and young families into the church. 

  • Pray for resources both in the shape of finances and people to enable us to widen our vision for the future of the church, its outreach and the upkeep and maintenance of the building which is desperately in need of a new roof.

Prayer Focus 45: Bethany Baptist Church, Swansea

Church Building.jpg
Jubilee set up.jpg
Pastor and family.jpg

The church is in the Swansea suburb of West Cross next to Mumbles and has an elderly majority.
The church appointed a new Pastor, James Scott, in September 2021 having come to Swansea from South East England with his wife and 3 children.

We have the pleasure of hosting a 'Forget-Me-Not' Dementia Day Club each week in the church hall, hosted by volunteers from the church. The club welcomes people with dementia and their carers from the community to come and meet in a social environment, to enjoy friendship together. 
As a church, we also partner with other local churches to run a branch of Christians Against Poverty in Swansea, to provide free debt help and support to the local community.

For Prayer

We thank God for new people who have been coming regularly in recent months.

We thank God for technology that is allowing ill and frail church members to access our meetings and still receive regular Bible teaching and talk with each other. 

We pray for more links with our local community, that God would guide us in outreach opportunities and give us boldness to proclaim the gospel.

We pray for continued growth and unity of the church as well as for younger families to be drawn into fellowship with us.   

Prayer Focus 44: Mount Carmel Baptist Church, Caerphilly

Photos  from a Valentine's family celebration service

Screenshot 2022-06-02 at 19.59.31.png

Mount Carmel English Baptist Church was founded in 1874 when certain members of the sister Welsh Baptist church at Tonyfelin (established 1784) had felt the need of an English Baptist cause in Caerphilly. They were supported by Doctor Davies, the famous blind preacher from Swansea (Y Pregrthwr Dall). The project was placed in the hands of Rev Alfred Tilley of Tredegarville, Cardiff (a famous organiser of new churches) and the Rev W Morgan of Maesycwmmer. The Church was eventually formed on 23rd September 1874.
We currently have 45 active members who meet regularly, and we have contact with about 30 children who meet in our weekly Wednesday children’s club as well as 20 young people who meet each Friday in Youth Group.
Our Minister is the Reverend Rhiannon Francis who came to us many times as a student while in college many moons ago, and we were glad to call her as our Pastor in July 2021. She was Inducted to the Pastorate in October 2021 when she began her ministry with us.


As Covid restrictions started to lift, we, like everyone else, were able to restart some of our meetings, groups, and missional activities. However, the time when everything stopped has also given us an opportunity to look at the activities we have done in the past, and discern whether we want to restart them.  So at this current time, we are trying to discern what we should restart, what we should stop, and what avenues we would like to explore for future missional activities.

At this time, our Ladies Fellowship Group meets every Monday with various inspirational speakers each week. Carmel Kidz meets every Wednesday, and Youth Group meets on Fridays.  We have restarted Family Celebration Services each term where we have welcomed families who are involved with the children’s and youth activities.
We support the work of Christian Aid through our joint Lenten Lunches as well as collecting money outside local supermarkets. This year, we were encouraged as we collected more money on a wet and cold day outside one supermarket than we had ever done before.


  • Give thanks for the amazing way that God has led us through the past few years with many a hiccup to delay seeking a Minister, then bringing us to a point right in the middle of the global pandemic, to reveal His plans for  to fill our pastoral vacancy. So many things came together at the right time it could only be God's plan for both us as a church and Rhiannon. 

  • We give thanks for the ongoing children’s and youth work 

  • We give thanks that the church is seeking the future position in the community and what role we need to support.


  • Pray for the resources both personnel and financial, for the future work Mount Carmel will be involved in.

  • Pray that we might recognise the needs and create new opportunities to serve the community in which we are placed. 

  • Pray for help so we might “look outside the box” to face the challenge of bringing the young and old together as one fellowship. 

Prayer Focus 43 Bethany Baptist church, Rhiwbina, Cardiff 

Bethany 1.jpg
bethany 2.jpg

Bethany is a historic Cardiff Church, having been founded in the centre of the city in 1806. The congregation moved to the garden village suburb of Rhiwbina in 1964 and still occupies a prominent location in Heol Llanishen Fach. We have always been known as a community church and offer traditional worship which is based around a warm welcome for all and weekly Communion. Our buildings are large and well maintained and offer a resource to many community activities and a twice weekly drop in coffee shop. Recent years though have been marked with decline and the church has struggled to reach out to a younger audience. Rev Phil Dunning has been the minister here since 2004.  

During COVID we embraced the online world far more than ever before and have consistently offered uploads of services and are now installing live streaming facilities. As well as our traditional morning services, we provide ‘Lighthouse LIVE’ fortnightly which is currently on Facebook and links worship with live teaching ‘from home’ aimed at youth and families. Our drop in coffee shop links with our mid week worship on a Thursday and a vibrant karate group who use the church hall on a Saturday morning. We have been able to chat with the parents and promote Jesus and the church’s work. We have recently begun again our successful ladies afternoon fellowship group on a Tuesday afternoon and our Wednesday Toddler group – reaching out to the children and parents of the local school. We are prayerfully moving these activities forward and looking to begin to experiment with new and more effective forms of worship and outreach. We meet for prayer and Bible study ‘hybrid’ each week.   

For Prayer

  • We give thanks to God for the consistency of our life together and ministry, and the faithfulness of church members in supporting our work, in-spite of lockdowns.

  • We give thanks for new initiatives we have begun again, and a far more intentional engagement with many who use our buildings each week. 

  • We pray for a better use of technology, in both of the styles of worship we offer, and that this will be consistent and professional.

  •  We pray for our mostly elderly congregation, many of whom are now struggling and receive care at home.

Prayer Focus 42 Cwmmera Baptist Church, Llanvetherine

Screenshot 2022-05-13 at 10.11.28.png
Screenshot 2022-05-13 at 10.10.55.png

Cwmmera Baptist Church is to be found on the Old Ross Road in Llanvetherine, near Abergavenny. 

Llanvetherine is also near Whitecastle, one of three important border castles built by the Marcher Lords after the Norman invasion, to control this sector of the Welsh Marches.

Offa's Dyke long distance footpath passes through the village, which is a very rural location, but has some camping and caravanning sites in the vicinity. 

The church has a small congregation made up of mostly older people. They are always glad to welcome visitors. 

Give thanks for a recent visit from a Cardiff Baptist College student to lead the worship - the church were delighted to share fellowship and hear from God's word together.

Please pray that others from the village would join them, especially some younger families.

They send a warm invitation to their Sankey evening on 13th June at 7pm, and best wishes to all in the South Wales Baptist Association.

Prayer Focus 41 Belmont Tremorfa Family Church 

1. Belmont Logo.jpg
2. Community.jpg
3. Baptism.jpg
4. Girls Brigade.jpg
5. Boys Brigade.jpg
6. Holiday Bible Club Team.jpg

We are a church in the heart of Tremorfa, an estate in Cardiff. We are a family of people from all ages (0-101) and from diverse backgrounds.  
We are called to embrace our name as a 'family church' by being a loving community for those within and outside the church. We have a heart for the lonely, lost and least and want to share the good news of Jesus in word and in deed through the power of the Spirit. 
We are currently led by a team of 3 elders (Ken Bell, Geraint Probert & Matt Nicholas), with support from deacons and ministry leaders. We are blessed to have Matt as our Youth and Community Pastor who is employed full time by the church. We also have many dedicated members who serve the church and the people of Tremorfa with faithfulness and love. 
We are grateful to God that he has been growing our church family, especially amongst children. God has been sending us these children and we pray that whole families would come to know the Lord and become a part of our church family. What a privilege it is to share Jesus with these little ones and their families. 
To give you a flavour, regular ministries include: 

  • Girls' Brigade and Boys' Brigade. The girls have recently celebrated their 40th anniversary!

  • A toddler group connecting with local parents; 

  • A bible-based youth session that reaches local unchurched young people; 

  • Summer Holiday Bible Club; 

  • Men and women's groups; 

  • Prayer ministry, including a monthly whole-church prayer meeting 

  • Weekly chaplaincy in a local High school and regular assemblies in a local primary school


We are entering a season of desperate prayer for God to break through and provide for his kingdom to take root and flourish in Tremorfa. As we reach the end of ourselves, he has shown us that Christ is enough. 

Please give thanks for: 

  • Baptisms: 2 people baptised on Easter Sunday, as we celebrated the risen Jesus. It was a wonderful occasion hearing stories of lives changed by God. 

  • God's faithfulness to us. We have had difficult seasons, but we are seeing God move amongst his people and in our area of Tremorfa. We take the opposition we encounter as encouragement that we are doing something right! 

  • Growth: in numbers and in loving community. 

Please pray for: 

  • Workers for the harvest field: As we see the church grow, we ask that the Lord of the harvest call more people to serve shoulder to shoulder with us for the Gospel. 

  • Partnerships for the Gospel: the blessing of unity for the churches of our area, our city and beyond, with spiritual and practical support. 

  • Finance: we are not called to self-sufficiency, but to God-sufficiency. The Lord will provide for all our needs as we seek, in faith, to advance the light and life of the Gospel of Jesus the King. 

  • Power: an increase in spiritual gifting, boldness and breakthrough. 

Thank you and be blessed in the name of Jesus. Peace, grace and love from your brothers and sisters at Belmont Tremorfa Family Church.

Prayer Focus 40 Ararat Baptist Church, Cardiff

Screenshot 2022-05-03 at 11.00.44.png
Screenshot 2022-05-03 at 11.00.57.png
Screenshot 2022-05-03 at 11.01.14.png

Ararat Baptist Church is in the large village of Whitchurch, to the north of Cardiff.

The church family is made up of a good range of ages, from young families and children to more elderly people. Some live in Whitchurch itself and have attended the church for a long time, others travel in or have only recently arrived in the Cardiff area.

Gethin Russell-Jones is the minister and has been at the church since 2018. Rachel Powell is the children and families worker in the church.

The church has many  spaces into which the community are invited throughout the week. In 2018 the Ark Community Cafe was opened which offers hospitality and friendship to hundreds of local people every day of the week. This is the site of a Renew Wellbeing cafe where 'It's Ok not to be OK' . Many local groups use the facilities in the Ark on their way to health, hobby and craft groups in other parts of the church building.

Story telling sessions are held here, where local people can explore life and faith through shared stories, songs and creativity. The recently launched 'Common Men' and 'Common Ground' groups share faith and activities together.

Parent and toddler groups are very busy, along with a thriving Messy Church programme, Brigades and holiday clubs.

Older folk are invited to a midweek meal preceded by a short message and time of worship.

The church is seeking to reach out into the community in many different ways, and give a warm welcome to all, whoever they are and wherever they come from.

Please give thanks for

  • A healthy children's ministry at the centre of the church, where children and young families feel welcome and can grow in faith

  • The Ark, which gives space and hospitality to so many throughout the week

Please pray for

  • Conversations around the use of 'the sanctuary' and how it can become more accessible for worship and prayer for a wider group of people

  • The development of a ministry for youth and young adults

Prayer Focus 39 Ainon Baptist Church, Cardiff

Screenshot 2022-04-22 at 09.27.15.png
Screenshot 2022-04-22 at 09.27.29.png

Ainon’s ‘Seniors’ Lunch Club

Ainon Baptist Church is located in the village of Tongwynlais, on the northern edge of Cardiff. Tongwynlais is close to the old villages of Whitchurch, Rhiwbina, Radyr, Morganstown and Gwaelod y Garth, which all form part of the wider North Cardiff area.  

The Church attracts around 80 people on a Sunday, with a balance of ages and mix of families and our Sunday and mid-week ministries reflect this diverse age range.  

Our minister, Phillip Lloyd, has been here since July 2019. In 2021, in pursuing God’s call on the Church, we embarked upon a building project to extend and refurbish the building, giving us more space and better facilities to engage with our community. After meeting on Sundays in the local village hall for nine months, we finally re-opened the building in February 2022.  

Our vision is to impact our community, declaring the gospel in word and deed, speaking about Jesus and showing what He is like. Our heart is to be an ‘inside out’ church, or a ‘church without walls’, removing barriers so that broken people can be made new and whole again through the power of the Holy Spirit at work amongst us.  

Currently, our Ainon community hub runs a Foodbank Centre, Lunch Club for Seniors, Parent/Toddler Group, Youth Club, a Wellbeing Session, a Children’s work and in partnership with Cardiff Council, a range of advice and support services accessed in the Church Building throughout the week. 

For Prayer 

  • Give thanks to God for the new building and facilities, enabling us to extend existing and offer new ministries 

  • Give thanks for the impact the outreach and ministries are already having; we see God at work! 

  • Pray for souls to be saved and lives to be transformed, all for the glory and honour of His Name  

  • Pray for wisdom and guidance from the Lord, that we only do what He wants us to do! 

Prayer Focus 38 Ainon Baptist Church, Bryncoch

Picture 2.jpg
Picture 1.jpg

Ainon Baptist is located in the heart of Bryncoch, a small village on the outskirts of Neath. It is a relatively affluent area and most of the congregation commute from areas outside the immediate village. The village has two primary schools but is not too far from a large comprehensive and the areas further education college.

Since Covid the Church has looked afresh at what, how and when it does things. This has resulted in the mid-week Bible study remaining online and the decision to hold only a morning service (previously we met in the morning and the evening). This has freed up space and time to move the youth fellowship from a Friday to Sunday evening. 

For Prayer

  • Give thanks for the new youngsters coming on a Sunday evening

  • For the existing links Ainon has with the wider community through its Wednesday night men’s group and the Knitters and Natters outreach activity

  • That the right person would become available to help lead the youth and outreach activities of the Church

  • For those that have found it difficult or have lost the desire to return to Church and other activities following the pandemic 

Prayer Focus 37 - Aenon Baptist Church, Morriston

Picture 1.png

Building Old / New

Picture 2.png

Refurbished worship area / new welcome area / new hall

Aenon is situated in Morriston, a bustling town of approx 17,000 people, steeped in industrial history, and is about four miles north of the city of Swansea. The Church premises have recently undergone a huge building transformation, with the demolition of the old hall, and rebuilding with a new fit for purpose hall, kitchen and welcome area, and a refurbishment of the worship area.


The Congregation has 37 members, and a number of regular additional attenders . The congregation is mostly female, and the ages range from late teens to much older. We also have some young children who attend regularly, and participate in Sunday School activities.


The Minister is Rev Phil Denyer, who was inducted on March 5th this year (2022). The previous minister, Keith Evans, retired from Aenon at the end of January, having served 11 years, and overseeing the new build project.

The Church runs a weekly Toddlers group, and also a weekly Bible study, and from the first Sunday in April will be returning to two services on a Sunday (since the pandemic only morning services have usually been held).

There is a Prayer Station held in the mornings during the week when the building is in use, and this welcomes people passing by to receive prayer, or to come in and reflect, or just enjoy a cup of tea.


The premises are also used by outside Community organisations, as well as the Local Indian Church (Pentecostal).

For Prayer

Something to give thanks for:

  • The New building;

  • That the congregation is being blessed in the early stages of a new Pastorate.

  • That people have returned following the pandemic, and they are excited to be worshipping.


Something to pray for

  • A number have recently contracted Covid (including the Pastor and his wife Elaine), so please pray that God will bring swift healing and restoration in Jesus’ name;

  • That those who have not yet returned will be encouraged and moved in the Spirit to return;

  • That God will pour out His Holy Spirit upon Morriston and open doors of opportunity for us to bless Him.

Prayer Focus 36 - Mount Zion Baptist Church, Glascoed

Screenshot 2022-03-25 at 16.31.00.png

Mount Zion Baptist Chapel is the oldest surviving place of Christian worship in Glascoed, having been built in 1810. The minister here is Rev Bev Morgan who has served Mount Zion and Merchant's Hill Baptist Church in Pontnewynydd for well over 20 years. Derek Crump has been the secretary since 2007.


The fellowship meet together for worship at 3pm on Sunday afternoons. They are a small rural congregation of 10+ people, who are always keen to welcome new friends, and be inclusive and accessible. They also hold a monthly coffee morning. Until recently this welcomed  a completely different group of people to those who attended on Sunday,  but they have since seen people from the coffee group coming along to worship too, which has been a great encouragement.

Please give thanks for 

  • New people coming to worship

  • Answered prayers for healing for friends in the fellowship

  • Good relations with the nearby Anglican Church

  • Fun family services once a month

  • The life of a well-loved member, Roger, of 90 years of age, sadly missed


Please pray for 

  • The message of new life in Jesus to be clearly shared

  • Health and strength for Bev and Derek as they serve the church

  • Good connections with local people

Glascoed is a village in Monmouthshire. It is 3 miles east of Pontypool and 3 miles west of Usk. It is mostly associated with the former Royal Ordnance Factory, now BAE Systems, Glascoed. This factory provides employment for around 500 people, largely from the local area and produces approximately 80 per cent of the ‘general munitions’ consumed by UK Armed Forces for training and for front line operations.

Prayer Focus 35 - Elkington Road Baptist Church, Burry Port

Elkington Road.png
Elkington Road.png

We are based in the seaside towns of Burry Port and Pembrey, 5 miles from Llanelli, 12 miles from Carmarthen in West Wales. The growing population of 7000 residents is served by a number of Christian churches going back to the 5th Century. We were established over 120 years ago by the Welsh Baptists.
Most of the congregation are over 55 and determined to ensure the future witness in this lovely place. We rely on faithful lay preachers to ensure that the Word of God is preached publicly every Sunday.

A Prayer Group, a Ladies (BWL) group and ‘The Sunbeams’ (7-11yr olds) meet regularly having survived the lockdowns and our monthly ‘Family Services’ involve every group in worshipping and having fun.
The Sunbeams group has been serving 7 – 11yr old children for nearly 20 years and a reunion is planned.

For Prayer 

  • The faithfulness of our older prayer warriors that they may continue and be valued.

  • The future plans for young people’s work and linking with our local high school

  • Clarity on the effective use of our Church and Hall

  • That our local streets will be touched by the love of Jesus

  • That our praise and worship will be free and unhindered by the restrictions of age.

Prayer Focus 34 - High Street Baptist Church, Abersychan

High Street Baptist Church, Abersychan was founded in 1827, and has use of a Grade 2 listed building, in well-kept grounds. Abersychan is to the north of Pontypool, in Torfaen.

Mrs Barbara Tucker has been church secretary for over 20 years, and the church does not have a minister.  A small ageing congregation meet together on Thursday afternoons and the 2nd Sunday of the month.

The church gives thanks for support from local preachers who have helped them to be spiritually well-fed, and they are very faithful in prayer for the world, the local community and their fellowship.

They hope to improve disability access to the church with the installation of a ramp in the near future.


Please pray

  • Give thanks for faithful service over many years

  • Pray for the future. They would love to see new people with appropriate gifts become leaders in the church

  • Pray for the town of Abersychan - it's comprehensive and primary schools, and the witness of the other Baptist and Methodist churches in the town.