The internship is open to those over the age of 18. This includes those just out of education to those in early or active retirement.

The nature of the internship would be to help nurture/birth both church-based ministry and community-based outreach alongside a regional perspective of mission and ministry. This would be dependent not only on the need of the church but also in the intern themselves, what skills/ministry/interest is on their heart to offer and want to develop.


Over this 9 month period the intern and church will complete reflections on the process, what God is doing and to help identify opportunities, needs and further areas of development. The SWaBA will provide a mentor for the intern to walk alongside them and the Regional Minister responsible will be involved in monthly meetings with the intern and the church.  


We see this as a partnership between a Baptist Church and The South Wales Baptist Association (SWaBA). Each party will be responsible for specific areas for the internship jointly and independently,