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Pastoral Vacancy

'Growing healthy churches in relationship for God's mission'

Pastoral Vacancies can be a time of transition and difficulty within a church however they can also be a wonderful opportunity for the church to grow and discern God's voice in the way forward.


Pastoral Vacancy enables churches to take a step back and explore together whatever we believe God is up to and how, as a whole fellowship, we might engage with that even more fully. 

The Regional Team can help you explore these possibilities and provide your church with lots of practical advice, including:


  • Appointing a moderator

  • Considering a review process

  • Composing a church profile

  • Designating a search group

  • The settlement process

Our Team Leader, Revd. Mark Fairweather-Tall, can give advice on the Baptists Together (Baptist Union of Great Britain) Settlement Process

If you are a Church entering into a pastoral vacancy or seeking a new minister, please contact Mark by emailing him at


Useful documents for churches looking to appoint a Minister are available on the Baptists Together website. These can all be accessed from


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