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Call to Ministry

'Growing healthy churches in relationship for God's mission'

Baptists have always emphasised the ministry of all believers and within SWaBA we continue to emphasise this fact. However, God continues to call people to exercise specific aspects of ministry, which require more than spare time allows. Here in the South Wales Baptist Association we can help facilitate and test a calling in certain directions for which accreditation is offered, such as: Pastoral Ministry, Evangelists, Chaplains, Youth Specialists and Regionally Recognised Ministers.  


In the first instance it is always best to begin talk with those who know you best and your own local leadership

You can read an Introduction to Accredited Baptist Ministry here


As you explore ministry within a Baptist context the following framework generally applies:


  • You will need to talk with your own minister and/or local leaders. They will need eventually to ask for a recommendation to SWaBA from your Church Meeting. The local affirmation of a sense of call on a person’s is crucial and no one can progress through our process without it. The local church is asked to affirm their discernment of your calling into Christian Ministry

  • You will need to be in touch a Regional Minister, who will guide you through the approach to the Association and Colleges.

  • The Regional Ministerial Recognition Group will interview you to test your calling to Baptist Ministry.

  • A period of formation that touches mind, practice and the whole person will normally follow. This is usually via one of our Baptist Colleges and at the end of this the College will be asked to commend you as ready for ministry. If training has been experienced in another context it is possible to approach the process through the Residential Selection Conference.

  • A call from a local church is received and responded to positively in the confidence that God has directed you.

At each point an openness to be led either way through your own dealings with God and through his people acting together is of utmost importance.

If you feel called into ministry then contact Revd Mark, or Revd Emma to discuss this.


Further information and advice from Baptist Together is available on their website here

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