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Christmas Outreach

Sharing the Greatest Story ever told in a new way.....


Weekly Build A Nativity 

This is ideal for churches and local schools...

Here is a cut out and create Nativity scene that you can use in the windows of church members, the church and local schools.  You could even encourage the schools to give one to every pupil.

Cut out these characters and scene and assemble / display the different elements across the Sundays in Advent.

These characters are given to you along with a prayer that wherever they are used, they may bring both an understanding of the Christmas story and something of the joy and love of Jesus.

Click Here to Download 


Messy Nativity

Run a Messy Nativity Advent Project in your community 

You can share a story of hope with your community by getting local business and schools involved to create a trail of nativity characters.  Ending up with the full story being displayed in your church window / front.

This is a great way to get families involved in following the story through the month of December.

Messy Church have done this with numbered sheep - and all the material to adapt is free and here to download: Go to Messy Nativity Page 

Or use the Jesus Rocks outreach idea - read about it here 


Christmas Window Art

Tell the Christmas Story through the windows in your church

Get creative - use the basics of the Christmas story to inspire some create window art, soul do:

Do the 12 days of Christmas 

The Nativity Scene 

Make a large backdrop and daily / weekly add something to the window 

Don't forget to include your church website / social media for people to find out more 


Bags of Blessings

A gift for the churches for Advent and Beyond

‘Christmas won’t be Christmas without any presents,’ is the opening line of the novel, ‘Little Women’, a well-loved classic.

This ‘bag of blessings’ is a gift to you to bring a little bit of ‘sparkle’ into Advent, and to brighten your journey to Christmas. We hope it makes you smile!

This was created and designed by Ordained Baptist Women from across the Baptist Family and has been translated into Welsh as well.

Download Bags of Blessing Concept Info in English 

Download Bags of Blessing Concept Info in Welsh

Download Accompany Information about Bags of Blessings

Download Postcards for Bags of Blessing


Community Carol Services

Learning from the 'clap for carers'

Why not encourage the people on your street to attend a doorstep nativity or carol singing?

You could invite your street / area to come up for 15 minutes to sing some carols and / or dress up as nativity characters.  This will encourage some festive cheer and make Christ know through community.

Click Here to download publicity for a community carol sing

Click Here to download publicity for a community nativity 


Digital Advent

Share an image and inspirational Christmas thought

Take a picture of something that means Christmas to you - every day in Advent.

Along with the picture include one sentence of what Christmas means to you - share this on your social media and link it up to your churches carol services / Christmas outreach.


Traditional Carol Service Online

Get the community involved 

Pre-record a carol service and upload it on your social media - this will give something for your church to share with others.

Try and involve the local school and business - get them to do a ready from their context and show this - bring the carol service from the streets to peoples homes. 

Include in this a short message explaining the message of Christmas (remember not everyone is use to the church language we use.)

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