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Key Nominations

Our vision in the South Wales Baptist Association is to grow healthy churches in relationship for God's mission across South Wales


In order to fulfil this vision it is important for us to discern those called to key leadership roles amongst us. 


The Key Role Nominations Team takes the lead in enabling appropriate collaborative networking so that we can discover, discern and recognise these key leaders.


The Team strives to reflect our cultures, and looks for men and women who will also wholeheartedly share our vision of the SWaBA. 


The Team looks to bring nominations for consideration by Trustees and Association AGM in these Key roles:


  • Moderator of Trustees 

  • Trustees

  • Treasurer

  • Members of the Home Mission Team

  • Other key roles which arise from time to time


Each role has a clear outline of the role requirements, the gifts and skills needed for the role, and, where appropriate, the mix needed for a whole team.  The Team provides Trustees and Association AGM with appropriate information about each nominated person in advance, to better enable prayerful discernment.


In all nominations the Team seeks to ensure, as far as is practicable, appropriate diversity.

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