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Over the past few months many churches have produced online material - the churches below are happy for you to use their preaching and teaching resources in your context.

You can view all these sermons and more from across South Wales and the wider Baptist Family on the Sermon Playlist on our YouTube Channel - Click Here to go to the Playlist 

Remembrance Sunday (John14:1-3 & 25-27)


Rev'd Hayley Young (Regional Minister: Mission Enabler) shares a message for  use on Remembrance Sunday or Day.  

This message does not include the Bible Reading.

Partnership in the Gospel (Philippians 1:3-11)


Rev'd Hayley Young (Regional Minister: Mission Enabler) preaches on how we together partner in the Gospel.  This message is ideal for explaining Home Mission and the role we are to play together as an association.

This sermon includes the Bible reading 

Humility (1 Samuel 17)


Rev'd Hayley Young (Regional Minister: Mission Enabler) preaches on Humility this sermon does not contain the reading.

For creative reflections lasting about 4 minutes then head to the FuelCast Website: they have a library of online professional videos 

Rev'd Hayley, Regional Minister: Mission Enabler has done some reflections with this company 

The Regional Team at the South West Baptist Association have produced some sermons from their Regional Team as well as from Churches across their Association.  They can be found on their Vimeo Channel

Here is Rev'd Carl Smethurst (Regional Minister - Mission) preaches on Hope in Uncertain Times from Romans 8:19-27 & Psalm 42.

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