Women in Ministry

In the South Wales Baptist Association (SWaBA) we state in our Vision and Strategy that:

‘We believe that both men and women have an equal role in the leadership of our Association Churches.  In the past our Baptist Family life has been impoverished by our separation of male and female ministries. We also recognise that our witness to the wider world and the individual communities we serve as churches, has been weakened by the lack of encouragement of women into ministry.’


Bi-Monthly Coaching 

Every other month we will host a coaching session lead by an inspirational female leader.  All the sessions will be different but will include encouragement into leadership, advice and a question and answer session. 

These are open to all women in leadership across our churches.

These are starting in September 2020 - keep an eye out

One on One Mentoring

We recognise that women in church do not get the same opportunities for mentoring in day to day ministry and for leadership roles.  Often it can be difficult to get the experience needed for more roles within our church family.

Therefore we offer one to one mentoring for women in ministry (ordained or training) to journey with you in your ministry and give you experience within the wider Baptist family.

As part of this mentorship you will also be given experience within the Baptist family to minister in a different context and to gain experience of leadership roles.

Network of women in ministry

We have created a WhatsApp Group and Facebook Page for women in ministry for support and encouragement.  This is to help women in ministry connect and share resources.

We will also develop within this network the opportunity to share resources and ministry.


Women's Conference 

Every year, starting in 2021, in September we will host a conference for women across our Baptist churches; this will included worship, teaching and seminars on encouraging and equipping women in their frontlines.