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It has been a looong time (like a properly scary long time) since I’ve played any type of serious sport – but, believe it or not, in school I was in the rugby team. This was only because I was taller than average for my age, not any genuine talent on my part, I can assure you!

One of my biggest memories of that team was the sense of camaraderie between us as players, and was especially strong just before and after any given match.

An essential part of the matches is the team talks – before the match, at half time, and after the game – the sharing, the encouraging, the challenging, the rally calls all have a massive part to play.

It’s like the feeling you get when you’re sharing with another Christian and the conversation really fuels you in a deep way; that story about what God is doing is someone’s life – it’s like a shot of spiritual adrenaline somehow!

This September, we’re launching a brand-new series of podcasts called Team Talk because no matter where we’re serving, or which church or mission we’re part of - in the Kingdom we’re all part of the same team! And as one team together in Jesus – we thought it would be great to huddle together and share the stories of what God is doing all across our amazing nation!

The two hosts, Emilia Stevenson (from Bryn Sion Baptist, Aberdare) and Jon Vaughan-Davies (from Bethel Baptist, Whitchurch) will be talking to people from right across Wales and beyond, and we would love you to join the conversation!

The first series of Team Talk will be launching at 7:30pm on Sunday the 26th of September, with an interview with the Olympic Swimmer Dan Jervis (

Episode 0 (where Jon and Emilia answer a whole bunch of questions about themselves and about the vision behind Team Talk) will go live the week before (7:30pm on Sunday 19th of September).

Team Talk will be streaming via podbean ( – but also available on all major streaming services. It will also be available on the SWBA YouTube channel. Regular updates about upcoming guests and themes will be featuring on the SWBA Facebook page or on Instagram: @teamtalk.swba

We’re really excited about the chance to catch up with each other, chat about the mission to which we’re all called, and get informed, encouraged and inspired by what God is doing! Let’s build up each other, spur the team on and share the excitement together of being part of the greatest team in history!

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